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Albion Historical Society Speaker Series: Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall and Museum is only one of its kind in Michigan

Those with an interest in the Civil War will be drawn to the next History Speaker series presented by the Albion Historical Society and the Albion District Library on Wednesday, February 26, starting at 6:00. Keith G. Harrison, president of the board of the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall and Museum, will talk about the history and exhibits at the one-of-a-kind museum in Eaton Rapids.

This museum is the only one in Michigan exclusively dedicated to the memory of the Union veterans of the Civil War and the fraternal organization they founded and participated in. Located in downtown Eaton Rapids, the museum occupies the actual building the veterans have used since 1886 and houses two floors of exhibits and collection storage space.

The Grand Army of the Republic was an organization created by the Union veterans of the Civil War and existed from 1866 to 1956. Five U.S. Presidents have been members of the national organization.

Keith G. Harrison of Holt, Michigan, holds a 1972 Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Michigan State University and a 1974 Master of Arts degree in Ecology from Western Michigan University. He retired from the state of Michigan in February 2005 after serving for 25 years.

Keith belongs to a number of historical, patriotic, and civic organizations including the 1865-created Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, in which he served as Michigan Commandery Commander from 1986-2003 and National Commander in Chief from 2009-2011.

Keith has been a Civil War reenactor for 33 years. He traces his ancestry back to 47 Union Civil War soldiers, 42 of whom served in Michigan regiments and five from non-Michigan regiments. He also has two ancestors who served with the Confederacy. Following the end of the Civil War, several of his Union veteran ancestors joined local Posts of the Grand Army of the Republic in Michigan. Keith has served as board president and director of Michigan’s Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall and Museum since its inception in 2013, chair of the Michigan

Civil War History Partners, and treasurer of the Friends of Michigan History. He has written three books, one on natural history and two family genealogies. He currently is working on a fourth book on Cass County, Michigan, citizens who served in the Civil War.

This event, which will be presented in the Naomi Lane Room of the Albion District Library, is free and open to the public.

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