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View History Hounds Free During Covid-19 Quarantine

Interested in attending History Hounds free of charge?  We received this from the Historical Society of Michigan...

Normally one benefit of your organization's membership in the Historical Society of Michigan is the ability to live stream our History Hounds® programs into your facility to share with your members. Many of you have built your regular or a special meeting around these lectures, which provide high quality history content right to your location.

Due to COVID-19 we know that you are not able to conduct your regular or special meetings using our History Hounds live stream content. DUE TO THIS CIRCUMSTANCE we are allowing you to share the History Hounds program announcement below, and future notices of History Hounds programs during the COVID stay-at-home period, with your members to watch in their home. Your members do not have to be HSM members to watch at home. They do, however, need to go to our website's Member Registration for History Hounds and register there to attend so we know who will be joining us and can provide connection information. We have added a new option to our registration form for "A member of an Organizational Member of HSM" in our Member Registration area to sign up for History Hounds programs. We will send them connection information the day before the program is scheduled to occur.

We hope this enhanced membership benefit for your organization - and for you to offer your members - will be helpful during this difficult time.

You can check out the programs they are offering at their website.

2020 Board of Directors Meeting Scedule

All meetings will be held at 5 p.m. at the Gardner House Museum, 509 S. Superior Street in Albion:
June 1, August 3, and November 2.  The time and date for the Annual Membership Meeting will be determined later in 2020.

April Update from the Museum

Just like the rest of the world, we are on hold.  Our Mother's Day opening has been postponed as well as any events we normally hold. The April board meeting was postponed to May the 4th.  We'll see if we postpone it again.

We are still trying to get our new exhibits ready--remotely!  For our "Music in Albion" display, please let us know if you have any artifacts or information relating to:  George Bohm Saxophone Quartet, Community Concert Series (from early days--posters, etc.), Anthony Taffs, David Strickler, Jazz at the Loft, Eddie Russ, Albion High School Senior Choir RCA Recording from 1956, Albion Goodwill Singers (another RCA record), Who Dat?, Bill Laswell, War and Treaty, or any other connection you can think of that pertains to Albion's musical history. 

For the second exhibit, "The Tools That Built Albion," please let us know if you have any noteworthy items which you could lend or donate.  We are especially interested in the stories behind the tools.  What did they build?  Who were the craftsmen that used them?

While you are home, write down some thoughts or record your daily events.  You are living a historical moment!  You never know--in a 100 years the Albion Historical Society may be asking your great grandchildren to share your documents!!  Stay well...

Upcoming Events

How to Contact Us While We Are Building Our New Web Site...

The Albion Historical Society is currently building a new website.  The current one has been around for ten years already, which means it is from the dark ages.  In fact, due to its age, the "Contact Us" link had to be removed.  In the interim, please know that you may still reach us at info(insert the "at" sign)  We hope to have the new site in operation by late spring.

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Visit us at  Visit our page for updates on events being held at the museum, special features, recent artifact donations, and much more.